About Player Designs

Our Origin Story

Player Designs has over 3 decades of experience buying, selling, consigning, and customizing sneakers. From Jordan Love Trucks and NT Summits, to music videos and sneaker manufacturing, we have enjoyed our kicks in every aspect of the shoe game. Check us out @ 0:11-14 in Mistah F.A.B.'s Sneakerhead video!

Our experience has positioned us to be the upper echelon of 21st century bespoke footwear. We invite you to step in and join the Player Designs movement.

Ethics and Values

Our knowledge and passion for footwear inspires us to provide the best customer service to our buyers so you can easily get your items. Our goal is to make custom sneaker buying simple and easy for you. Below are some of the 10,000+ sneakers we have sold. A portion of sales proceeds go towards our philanthropic efforts to help homelessness and environment preservation in California and Georgia.